2 weeks, 4 days and counting down!

Yes, it truly is that close!  2 weeks and 4 days before my second album is released!

It really has been a long time coming.  I started recording in August 2017 for this album, but then life kept getting in the way – darned thing, life!  I could blame my Husband  Peter for much of that, but then, how would I have got the inspiration for the final song on my album ?.  Not that I want him to go flying feet first into a cliff again, but it is true that creativity, whether it be songwriting, art, poetry etc. is often inspired by life experiences.

On release day I will share the links with you to all the online streaming channels so that you can listen to your hearts content.  Don’t forget though, that if you want a physical CD, these will only be available through my website and I am currently taking pre-orders.  As a bonus, if you do pre-order you can start listening to the whole album straight away, as I will send you immediately all 11 tracks as MP3 downloads.

So, once again, here is the link to pre-order a signed CD.  You’ll be able to convert the AU$ into the currency of your choice and see shipping costs before you place your final order.

‘Take A Breath’ pre-orders

Something that I am also very much looking forward to sharing with you soon is a song that members of my facebook group “Laini’s Beach Shack” have been writing collaboratively.This is the first time that I’ve ever been part of a collaborative songwriting process with so many people from all over the world and it’s been a really interesting and enjoyable experience.  The song is called “Butterfly Girl”.

So, watch this space!

And don’t forget that if you would like to join my facebook group, just click on the link below and then on the JOIN button and enter your best e-mail address to sign up for my newsletters.

Laini’s Beach Shack Facebook Group

Until next time, take care

Laini xx