A Beach Shack Christmas Playlist; plus, I’m thinking I need a bit more sparkle!

So, Christmas is nearly here and this last week in the Beach Shack (my facebook group for all my newsletter subscribers) the members have been putting together a Christmas Playlist of our favourite songs.

I always knew this would be different as we have such varied and interesting musical tastes in the group.  It hasn’t disappointed me – there are lots of unique songs and unusual covers mixed in with the classic favourites.

So, if you’d like something to pop on Play over the Christmas period to put you in the festive mood, then here is the link:

Christmas in the Beach Shack – a Spotify Playlist

I was a bit disappointed that Peter didn’t notice that I’d put up the Christmas decorations when he got home from work yesterday ?.  Admittedly they are still boat size (as I thought we’d be back on the boat this year and so didn’t want to waste money on up-sizing, but I do think that they add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the room ?.  Perhaps I need to buy a bit of tinsel to add some sparkle ( I chucked the bit I has last year as it had gone threadbare)?

I hope all your preparations (if you celebrate Christmas) are going well and you’re not feeling too stressed and overwhelmed with everything there is always to do at this time of year.

Until next time, take care and remember to breathe!

Laini xx

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