A Surprise Gift Announcement Especially For You

My 5 week trip to England is now over and as this lands in your inbox I will be 36,000 feet in the air winging my way back to Australia. I’ve had a wonderful time with my family, but now I’m looking forward to getting back into my music, with my first priority being a video shoot for my first single release (once I’ve recovered from my jetlag that is!).

I did promise you that I would tell you a little more about my first single in this newsletter, but I’ve changed my mind ! Instead, I’ve decided that you’ve all waited far too long to hear it; and, I’ve left it FAR too long to show you how much I appreciate the support you have shown me by signing up to my mailing list. So, as soon as I can think straight after my 40 hour journey, I’m going to share the song with you EXCLUSIVELY (before I release it to the Public). Just watch your inbox over the next fortnight for your link to the download.

In the meantime, having read my previous newsletters and getting an idea from the photos (and my album inlay) about my look and feel, and from the album insert I shared with you in my last newsletter about the genre of my music, I would really appreciate your opinion on a logo for me.

This bold LC is the one I’ve been using on my facebook page which is a bit cheaty as I couldn’t think of anything else (but it’s grown on me).  Mike designed Laini over the crescent moon logo (with the moon representing the C in Colman as well as the darkd and lights in my music










Which do you prefer ? I’d love to know. Just reply to this e-mail, or post a comment on my facebook page www.facebook.com/LainiColman . AND, I’d love more ideas !  Again, either reply to this e-mail, or send a message to laini@lainicolman.com . Let your imagination run free and wild – the more ideas, the merrier.

If you are reading this newsletter and have not already signed up for a free download, then please do so by clicking on this link: SIGN-UP FOR FREE DOWNLOAD

Until next time, take care and I’ll return to my in-flight entertainment !

Laini xx