A taste of the ocean once again

Wow!  My first post for 2019!! Hard to believe isn’t it – it still feels funny writing the year!

Anyway, I really, really hope you had a wonderful festive season wherever you were and whatever you were doing.

We had a lovely quiet Christmas in the house.  We had intended to go away on the boat, but when we both stopped, we realised how exhausted we were and so decided to have a few days R&R first – it was wonderful!

Then, on New Year’s Eve we headed away on Dream Catcher down the d’Entrecasteaux Channel.

Here’s a photo of me, just after arriving, a little wet and windblown (from salt spray) at our first anchorage – we need to get windows put into our new canopy asap ?.  You might notice that we have to have stainless steel wine glasses onboard as glass and boating don’t go well together.

And, here’s a photo a couple of days later of my Husband Peter, looking even more relaxed.

One thing that we both loved about being back onboard was the physicality of it – moving our bodies virtually all the time, whether it be sailing, anchoring & up-anchoring, swimming, going out in the kayak, or just moving about the boat generally!

I made a resolution that, once the holidays were over, I had to try to be more active throughout the day, rather than just during my single allocated exercise time a day.  When I get stuck into my music and work, I tend to sit for long periods without moving, which can’t be good for me.

Here is a photo of me getting our Hobie Mirage Drive Kayak ready to go out in.  It’s brilliant cos’ you can paddle or peddle, so provides great all round exercise.

So, now I’ve been back to work/music a week.  It’s felt a bit of a jumble, but next week I should start getting back into more of a routine.

I’ve had quite a lot of correspondence to catch up with, plus I’ve been trying to start getting my head around what I need to do to get my website into shape for my album release.

I also put one of the remaining tracks (Truth Can See) from my first album onto Youtube, as I’d like to get them all up there before I release my second album (knowing that Youtube is, for some people, their major “go to” place for streaming).  Nothing fancy this time, just the music against an image.

If you click on the photo below it will take you to the track.

And, if you haven’t yet subscribed to my Youtube channel and you’d like to be notified directly when I put up new videos, then just click on the Subscribe button whilst you’re there.

Very excitingly though, I’ve been progressing discussions with the artist who is designing my album artwork and things are really starting to take shape there.  I’m looking forward to being able to share that with you very soon.

The other thing I’ve been doing is to think about the logistics of moving back onboard Dream Catcher.  Whilst Peter still has a long way to go before he has fully recovered from the Paragliding accident he had late 2017, our New Year trip away proved to us that there is very little he can’t manage on the boat (with a little thought and planning) so we’re very keen to get back to where we feel we belong as soon as we can.

Our lease expires on the house at the end of February, but I’d like to get us back onboard over these next 2-3 weeks if possible, so that it’s not a last minute stressful rush.  It will then give me time to get the house sorted – carpets/windows etc. before the lease is up.  This means though that from now until then, I’m going to start sorting and start either taking things down to the boat or putting them in boxes to store.

Next time I write though I’m looking forward to giving you more news on how the preparation work for my album release is going.  It feels closer and closer now, and I’m starting to feel excited!

Until then, take care

Laini xx

PS don’t forget you can stream my first album here on my website, and there is also an option to purchase if you want your own copy:  Stream debut album ‘Laini Colman’

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