And my 3rd single release is?????? Plus, a world through child-like eyes

Just a short post this week to let you know that, thanks to everyone who cast a vote, my 3rd album single release will be ‘Somewhere’.

To remind you which song it is, here is a link to the listening page on my website.  ‘Somewhere’ is the 13th track on the album.

Listen to ‘Somewhere’

I’ll be sending out a hand-written lyric sheet to everyone who voted over the next 2-3 weeks. You’ll have to forgive me for taking so long, but I have quite a few to do!

So, now I’ll start work on a music video to accompany the single which I hope to release in August.

This means that I am going to be working on 2 videos over these next couple of months as myself and Mike already have one in the planning stage for our cover version of ‘Human Behaviour’ by Bjork, which I can’t wait to share with you when it’s finished – it’s going to be really quirky.


And now to the regular Shout-Out Section of my newsletter for one of the many talented members of my facebook group Laini’s Beach Shack.

Today’s shout-out is for the wonderful artwork of UK-based Mike Gould.

I was first drawn to Mike’s art because of it’s surrealism, boldness and lack of inhibition, and I love the approach he explains that he takes by trying to view the world through child-like eyes and to go back to the sort of freedom we exercise as children with his art, as well as trying to see the wonder and the beauty even in that which others find ugly.

You can read more about Mike – his background and his approach to art – by reading his biography at the end of this post .  To see his artwork, visit

Next week I hope to tell you a little more about the cover project that I am working on with Mike Raine.

Until then, take care

Laini xx

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Biography – Mike Gould – Artist / Hobbyist/ Traditional Art

I was born in London and lived the first part of my life in Kent.

I have created art for as long as I can remember and I always tended to the strange. I did have ambitions to illustrate science fiction, but was not really up to the drawing standard to compete so my degree is in graphic design.

Over the years I have painted on and off. However, when my Mum died I turned to art as therapy.

The style I have developed crosses between surrealism, psychedelia and abstraction, though I do throw other things into the mix. I have a great interest in the use of colour and texture. My main medium is acrylics, though I do sometimes use coloured biros, water colour pencils and drawing inks. I have ambitions to do some 3-D work.

Inspiration can be anything in the universe. Pet subjects are mental health, corporate misbehaviour, fantasy and myth and interpreting music. On occasion I comment on society. I find the universe totally weird and a lot of my art is about trying to explain abstract concepts in terms which make sense to me, and sometimes others.

I don’t restrict myself to one style. I tend to be influenced by anything and everything and while I think much of my art is recognisable with common elements, it doesn’t follow a particular artistic movement. While I can’t ignore outside influences, I can’t see the point of creating unless you try to follow your own path.

The key to remaining fresh is to look at the universe with a child-like (as oppose to childish) eye and see the wonder and the beauty even in that which others find ugly. I have, and do, exhibit and sell work. However, for me art is done because I have a need to do it and it is a bonus if someone else likes it or gets something out of it. It is a communication and hopefully sometimes gives comfort to others that there is nothing wrong with being different even if conventional society rejects difference.

Everyone is unique and diversity makes life interesting.