It’s getting closer and closer to the Radio Wigwam Annual Awards ceremony in which I am a nominee for Best International Female Artist.  It is being held in London on Friday 20th January and I’m really excited to be able to share the livestream link with you.  I will be setting my alarm super early to watch and Peter has promised to take Ziggy for a walk (which doesn’t sound a biggie, but it will be Peter’s first attempt at walking her since his foot surgery so it really is a biggie!)

If you’d like to watch too, here is the link.  The livestream will start at 7.20pm (London time) and the ceremony will start at 7.45pm


To showcase the artists all of the artists, Radio Wigwam have curated Spotify Playlists.  Here is the Best International Female Artist Playlist with one song from each of the 12 artists.

Best International Female Artist Spotify Playlist

Even though I didn’t release “Yellow Settee” as a single from my latest album, I’m thrilled this is the song that Radio Wigwam have chosen as it is my favourite from the album.

Finally, I’d love to share this photo with you of me holding my official nomination certificate which I received just before Christmas.  What a wonderful Christmas present!

Until next time, take care
Laini xx

It still hasn’t sunk in! What an amazing early Christmas present I’ve had – a nomination by Radio Wigwam (a UK based online radio station for best international female artist 2022!  It’s such an honour to be shortlisted from a field of 4,500 down to 12 artists !  Here is my official certificate.

The award ceremony is being held in London on 19th January.  Sadly, Tasmania is just a little bit too far away for me to attend, but I will be watching the livestream.  I’ll send you a link as soon as I have it in case you’d like to watch too.

A second piece of exciting news is that Spotify have created a “Laini Colman Radio” playlist.  An artist only achieves this once they are getting enough listeners to their channel, so, I have a huge thankyou to all of you who listen to my music on Spotify – I couldn’t have achieved this without you.  It’s very interesting to hear the music and discover the artists that have been paired with my music

Here is the link to the Spotify playlist:

Finally, for a bit of fun, and as I promised in my last post, here is some footage from my performance as Maud (the loud and bawdy 1920s cockney landlady) singing ‘What a Mouth’ in the recent Sorell on Stage production of “Burlington Bertie”.  I’m not entirely sure I nailed the cockney accent, but I gave it my best shot ?!  Anyway, I hope it brings a smile to your face!  Boy, we all need that at the moment don’t we!


So, all that’s left for me to do is to which you a happy festive season.  I hope you remain safe and well whatever you are doing and are able to relax and enjoy time with family and/or friends.

Laini xx

Oh yay, oh yay, my third album “Racka Shacka” has been released today!  You can now start getting those feet Racka Shacking to the Ranga Changa beat! You’ve just got to find the right song to listen to ?!  Just click on the link below to your favourite streaming channel to start listening.  I would love to know which is your favourite track!


There are a limited number of signed physical CDs available for the die-hard CD players amongst you.  Just click on the link below if you’d like to purchase one


On another note, I’m currently in rehearsals for the Christmas children’s production of “Alice Returns to Wonderland.  It will be my second performance with Sorell on Stage, a local award winning theatre group and I’m loving this new stage experience.

In it I play “The Griffin”, which incidentally was played by Spike Milligan in the 1973 movie “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”!  I have to say though that I didn’t get a huge amount of inspiration watching him – who can ever emulate Spike Milligan!  – so I’m trying to channel my own inner Griffin ?.

Next time I write I’ll share a bit of footage from my first role as the loud and gaudy 1920s cockney pub landlady, Maud, in the musical “Burlington Bertie” as well has share some photos from this latest production.

In the meantime take care,

Laini xx

Oh yay, oh yay, I’m soon about to release my third album “Racka Shacka” and when I do you can learn all about how to start Racka Shacking ?!  Here’s a little teaser though to give you an idea!

Meanwhile though I have a limited number of signed physical CDs available and as a thank you for all your support I’d like to offer you the chance to purchase one of these before anyone else (and pre-release).  Just click on the link below:

Yes, it’s the old fashioned way of buying a CD – ‘sight unseen’, or probably in this case ‘hearing unheard’ ?.  However, you have heard 4 singles which I have already released from the album – Dance With The Daffodils, Oceania, Sweet Suffering and Yellow Settee so it’s not strictly hearing unheard.  If you’d like reminding what they sound like, just head over to this playlist on my Spotify Channel here:

Next time I write I’ll give you a pre-save link to the album on your favourite streaming channel. Release date is 16th November.

In the meantime take care,

Laini xx