Autumn Leaves and a New Dodger

What a strange week it’s been in Tasmania.  Summer is supposed to be still here (usually January to March are the best months) but autumn seems to have suddenly descended upon us.  It’s been wet and it’s been cold and we’ve had to put the heating on for the first time.  I even noticed yesterday that the leaves on some of the trees are starting to turn golden.  And, just as spring is around the corner for many of you!  Strange thought!

The problem is….. the heater is in the lounge and my keyboard is in the bedroom (so that I can find a bit of headspace when I’m doing my music and also so that I don’t disturb Peter who is still working from home) so I’m having to rug-up whenever I go in there.  It’s not bothering me too much at the moment (in fact, I’ve had a really productive week working on the 3 songs I’m going to start recording in the Studio with Mike Raine) but I might have to re-think the arrangement before winter.

I feel a bit sorry for our friends from Queensland who have flown down especially to work on the boat for us (replacing the hard dodger).  Queenslanders don’t do cold very well!  It’s 30C in Brisbane at the moment compared to our 17C!

They’re doing an amazing job though – in the space of 2 weeks, the old rotten dodger has gone and the new one is well underway!  Here’ are a few photos:

We’re feeling very excited about seeing the new dodger finished and on the boat!  It will really feel as though we’ve started to put our mark on her then.  Next we’ll turn our attention to the interior which is badly in need of renovation.

Next time I post I’m looking forward to sharing with you my progress in the Recording Studio with Mike Raine.  It’s been months now since I’ve done any recording and I’m really looking forward to starting work once again on my second album.

In the meantime I hope you have a very happy and relaxing Easter weekend.

Until next time, take care,

Laini xx

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