Meet Laini Colman, a songwriter/recording artist living on a sailboat in Tasmania, Australia. “I’ve always said I never knew myself until I started living on a boat. I’ve spent hours on watch at the wheel with my tape recorder in my pocket working on my next song whilst the boat has been careering towards our next destination somewhere on the far side of the night.”

Laini released her debut CD entitled “Laini Colman,”  in 2017 which delves into the world of dark, cinematic pop. The album was co-written with Jimmy Reece and includes a wide range of genres including pop, electronic, dance, alternative, acid jazz, soul, and world music.  Laini released 2 singles off this album – ‘Dreams Come’, ‘Blue’ and ‘Somewhere’

Since 2017 Laini has been working with local Tasmanian Producer Mike Raine to bring her own songs to life.  Her second studio album “Take A Breath” was released on 31st May 2019.  3 singles have been released from this album – ‘Take a Breath’, ‘I Breathe You In’ and ‘Swans’

In 2012, two of Laini’s songs received semi-finalist status in the UK Songwriting Contest. In Song-of-the-Year contests, Laini was awarded runner-up (2013) for “Please Come Home,” two semi-finalists (2014) for “You’re Always There” and “Flow,” and honorable mention (2014) for “Long Nights.” In addition, Laini’s “Unforgettable” received national and international recognition in the finals of Your Music Out Loud in the USA Song Competition (2015).

When asked what she hopes to accomplish by being a musician, Laini replied, “. . . for people to listen to and enjoy my music and to inspire women of all ages to follow their dreams.”