First of all, thank you to everyone who listened to my new single ‘Take A Breath’ and watched my Music Video. I’ve received so many wonderful and supportive  comments and it’s hard to explain how much those mean to me.  I’ve never found it easy putting myself ‘out there’ – grit my teeth every time before I click the ‘send’ or ‘share’ button – so your support and encouragement is so, so appreciated – thank you again!

Today though, I thought you might find it interesting to read about the concept behind the video and how the video was put together.

Some of you may remember that a few months ago I had an “Album” listening party in my facebook group “Laini’s Beach Shack (which is open to all my newsletter subscribers) so that the members could help me choose the first single release.

Once ‘Take A Breath’ had been chosen, myself and Mike Raine began wracking our brains for a Music Video idea to accompany it.

Mike said that he’d always fancied having a go at an animated movie and suggested me singing in front of a hand-drawn and static background, interacting with moving, animated things going on in the foreground – this is a screen shot from a short movie clip he sent me as an example, with the shark moving across the scene).

I thought it was a great idea but realised that we somehow had to make the foreground scenes interesting and different between the verses, chorus’s and instrumental section so that it told a story.  And so I started brainstorming – adding little ideas and scenes to the story in my head as I went out for my daily walks – such a great time to have creative headspace!

Finally I had a concept to send Mike to see what he thought – I knew it was probably far more complex than he was imagining, but I just knew that, being the sort of person that he is, he would be up for the challenge!

After reading through the complex his reply to me was “Ambitious!!!………….let’s see if we can make this work!” Oh yay – I love working with Mike!!

Here is the concept I sent him:


Yes, it was complex!  Mike slowly put the background images and animations together, whilst I concentrated on shooting my green screen footage and animating the falling scene. Here is one of the stills from the green screen footage used to create the falling animation.


It took us several weeks and, whilst we did vary slightly from the concept, you’ll see if you take a look at the video again (below) we were pretty close!

Take A Breath Music Video

I really hope you’ve found this interesting.  If you’ve any questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to know about it, please just e-mail me – I love answering any questions you’ve got.

For those of you who would like to stream the track on Spotify and/or add it to you playlists, here is the link:

“Take A Breath” on Spotify

Please do share the track and/or Music Video with any of your friends or family who you think would enjoy it – it would be a huge support to me!

In my next post I’ll share with you the wonderful full album artwork that has been created for me by Tammy Stewart, one of my facebook groupBeach Shack members.  And don’t forget, if you’d like to join my facebook group then you just need to sign up for my newsletters here and I’ll send you a joining link

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Until next time, take care,

Laini xx

I am so excited today to finally share with you my new track “Take A Breath” which is the first single release from my upcoming album of the same name

The whole album and this single have been a long time coming, as 2018 and the early part of this year have been a very unsettled period in my life, firstly with my Husband, Peter’s accident which meant we had to move off our boat and into rental accommodation whilst he recovered, and then back to the boat this last week.

The release of this single though, coinciding with our return to the boat, feels like the start of a new chapter and settled times to come.

I’m really looking forward now to releasing the album itself in a few weeks time together with 2-3 more singles over the next few months.

Meanwhile, I really hope you enjoy this track and watching the Music Video!  If you do enjoy it, then you can download it here.

It is also available for streaming on Spotify and Youtube and it would be wonderful if you could share it with all your family and friends (and even add it to your playlists which would be fantastic!)

Until next time, take care,

Laini xx

Yes – a momentous day!!  Well, 2 days ago that was.  Myself and Peter moved back onto our beautiful boat ‘Dream Catcher’!

For those of you who are new to these newsletters, Peter (my Husband) had a nasty Paragliding accident in Oct 2017 which has meant that we’ve had to rent a house for the last 15 months whilst he’s recovered.

2 days ago though, we finally moved back on board!  It feels like a full circle and it feels GREAT!!

We’re still in a total mess – I’m traveling to and from the house/boat, sorting, chucking, cleaning etc – getting the house ready to hand back at the end of Feb, but the boat is now home once again!

Another piece of exciting news is that myself and Mike Raine have finished the Music Video for my first single release from my new album (Take A Breath).

I am so happy with it – it was hugely ambitious and complicated to make – fun, surrealistic, slightly monty pythonish – but we managed it.

The official release date is 1 March, but I will be sharing the track with you before then (in my next newsletter in fact!!) so watch this space!!  Here is a still from the video:

And finally – they say all good things come in 3s 😁😁😁 – I’m really excited to share with you today the cover art for ‘Take A Breath’.

This has been designed by Tammy Stewart, an amazingly talented creative, artistic photographer, who is also a member of our very own facebook group (for my newsletter subscribers only) ‘Laini’s Beach Shack’.

She is currently working on the rest of the artwork for my album, and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you very soon.  If you’d like to check out more of Tammy’s work, visit her website at

So, until next time (when I’ll be sharing ‘Take A Breath’ with you) take care!

Laini xx

PS don’t forget you can stream my first album here on my website, and there is also an option to purchase if you want your own copy:  Stream debut album ‘Laini Colman’

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I really hope the year is getting off to a great start for you.

Here in Tasmania, we are in mid summer, and what a summer we’re having so far – very hot, dry and windy, so much so that we have fires burning throughout the State – over 50 in total.  It’s worrying times.

We are safe where we are living at the moment (alhough it’s hard to escape the smoke pollution covering the State which at times makes it very uncomfortable to breathe outside).

Down in the Huon Valley though (where my friend and Producer, Mike Raine, lives – 30 mins away) they are having a terrible time of it, and quite a few communities have been evacuated.

Fire crews and fire fighting aircraft are trying to contain the blazes, but many are proving uncontrollable.  So, for the locals it’s a “wait and see and hold your breath” game.

Here is a map showing the current fires burning in the State – red symbols are emergencies where people have been evacuated, yellow symbols are to “to act/prepare”, blue symbols are to “keep watching and reading the advice” and the white symbols are fires not imposing any immediate danger.

Life has to go on though, and since my last newsletter I’m really pleased to report that I’ve been getting stuck into the work that has to be done before I can release my new album.

Firstly, the music video for my first single release “Take A Breath”.

Over the Christmas period I started mapping out in my head the storyline for the video.  It was based on an idea Mike gave me, but much more complicated and when I presented it to him for his thoughts on whether or not it was achievable, he replied:

“Ambitious!! …………..Let’s see how we can make it work”

Oh, I LOVE Mike for his “can-do” attitude!

So, last week I spent 2 long days shooting all the green screen footage needed, whilst Mike started putting together the background animation.  There was a point when I was beginning to wonder whether I was being too ambitious!  What do you think?

Take 22 – Shooting some of the video footage for the “Take A Breath” Music Video

However, it’s starting to come together nicely now, even though there are still quite a few tricky/fiddly sections to finish.  It’s going to be a fun, slightly surrealistic video and I’m feeling excited now to see the final version.

I addition to work on the Music Video I’ve been working with an artist on the album artwork and have been having a few photo shoot sessions for this.  It’s coming along nicely too, but once again takes time.

I’m starting to get very impatient to share all of this with you, but it will be few weeks yet, as once I’ve got all the material side of things sorted, I have to get all the music and artwork distributed, which can take about 4 weeks.  You will absolutely be the first to see and hear everything though,  before I release it to the Public.

Finally, I know you know I like to share some of my non-music life with you.  So, how could I leave today without sharing with you my latest Echidna Encounter 😁.

Laini, the Echidna Whisperer, Pt II

Until next time, take care,

Laini xx

PS don’t forget you can stream my first album here on my website, and there is also an option to purchase if you want your own copy:  Stream debut album ‘Laini Colman’

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