How do I start to writing a new post, when I’ve not written one for 2 years – stopping without any warnings or explanations? It’s not easy, so much has happened – not just in my life, but I know in everyone’s lives too as the Pandemic has changed the way we both live and think.

It’s been a turbulent 18 months for the Colman household – not just because of Covid, but in many other ways. Paid work came to an abrupt end for myself and my Husband Peter – not at the time in a pleasant way, but, in that strange way things work out, was probably one of the best things that could have happened to us, as the pay-out enabled us to pay the mortgage off on our house. So, after 20 years of living on a boat, we finally placed our feet on solid ground and sold our last boat ‘Dream Catcher’ – a bitter sweet end to one life chapter full of adventures, and the start of another, hopefully with more adventures to come.

This couldn’t have happened at a better time, as the inevitable arrived with Peter needing more surgery on his feet (following his paragliding accident in 2017) with walking having become unbearably painful. We are now half way through the procedures with one foot now in the healing process following fusion surgery and the second foot booked in for the same surgical procedure in 2 months time. The recovery time for each foot is 3-6 months, including long periods of rest and leg elevation, so it’s a long, slow process, but one which we really hope will give Peter much more mobility than he has had for a long time.

Having to be on hand to help him has been good for me, as finally, after months and months of non-music I’ve started to write songs again and play the piano! My hiatus was partly due the fact that for 8 months I’ve suffered from tenosinovitis in my right thumb which has meant that until very recently, my right hand has been non-operational, so I’ve not been able to play the piano or guitar. Finally though, after 2 cortico-steroid injections and hand physio, it seems to be on the mend, although I’m having to be careful in how much I use it. One of the bedrooms is now firmly my music room and it feels a luxury to be able to set it up and not dismantle everything after each session as I did on the boat.

I’ve already started recording again with my long time friend and Producer, Mike Raine, and I’m looking forward to sharing music with you very soon, and releasing a 3rd album this year.

Our gorgeous pooch, Ziggy, is also loving the house and garden. She had a rough few months last year with skin infections, but now she’s come good and we seem to be managing it well. I absolutely love her to bits, but have to admit that she has also taken up a lot of my time and energy over the past 2 years. Getting a rescue dog without any prior training and lots of anxieties has meant that we’ve had a lot to work through, but again she is starting to respond beautifully and she rewards us in kind with so much love. She’s still terribly mischievous though!

Here we both are sitting on the deck at Christmas together

Until next time, take care,


I feel heart broken writing this post.

As you may know, Australia, the beautiful country in which myself and Peter live, is currently experiencing the most devastating bush-fire season on record. Lives have been lost, hundreds of homes have been destroyed and thousands of Australia’s native animals burnt alive. The worst is not over.

I wrote this song last year during the terrible fires we were experiencing here in Southern Tasmania, but I never released it. I had intended it would be on my next album, and I guess it still will be; but in trying to work out how I could best support the current disaster relief and recovery efforts, I’m releasing it now in the hope that I can raise some money to forward to the Australian Red Cross’s bush-fire disaster relief and recovery fund, which needs as much help as it can get. Once again, I have to thank Mike Raine for his wonderful production!

If you feel you would like to help then please consider purchasing an MP3 download of the single from my website (where you can also listen to the song) – link below.  All money raised will:

– Support people at evacuation centres and recovery hubs, and
– Provide emergency assistance (including cash grants to people who have lost homes in these bushfires.


Prices can be changed to the currency of your choice after adding to your cart.

Needless to say, your support is much appreciated!

Much love,

Laini xxx

It’s hard to believe how long it is since my last post.  I’ve been having a break from all things musical as I’ve been working hard to settle our new, beautiful Rescue dog ‘Ziggy’ into our lives and onto our boat (our home) –  ‘Dream Catcher’.

I have to confess I was totally naive about how hard it would be to take on a dog from the dog’s home who arrives with so many anxieties as well as being untrained.

And, I won’t lie – there have been times I’ve wondered what we’ve done, I’ve had meltdowns, and I’ve wondered if I’d ever get my life back.

Well, we’ve still a lot of work to do with her, but I am really happy to be able to say that she is becoming an absolutely wonderful companion. She is incredibly affectionate, and is slowly overcoming her anxieties.  She has a stubborn streak and can be wilful, but everyone who meets her loves her and so do we!  And yes, I AM slowly getting my life back!

And so, next year I’m looking forward to resuming work on my 3rd album and to sharing with you news about that.

In the meantime though I’d like to share with you with another track from my recent album called ‘Dark Angel’.  This is about Kunyani (Mount Wellington) who stands watching over Hobart.  Every morning I wake to see her there and I never cease to be in awe of her – she is magnificent and solid and gives me a sense of things unchanging and being grounded, despite all the madness going on in the world.  Once again I have to thank MIke Raine for his wonderful production which has really brought this song to life.  I hope you enjoy listening.

And so, as I close, I’d like to wish you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year whether you are spending it alone or with family.  I know that whilst for some it can be a time of joy and yet for others who are alone, it can be a little sad.  Whatever your circumstances, I will be thinking of you.

We have no family here in Tasmania, so it will be a quiet Christmas Day for us, meeting up with some fellow boatie ‘liveaboards’ for an evening bbq, and then over to a friend’s on Boxing Day to sit on the verandah sharing good company, food and drink.  I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll leave you with this photo of  Ziggy, practicing for her upcoming role as Santa Paws – I hope it makes you smile 🙂

Until next time, take care

Laini xx

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It is with a huge pleasure in this post that I introduce Ziggy to you!


Ziggy joined Dream Catcher’s boat crew (i.e. myself and Peter) a month ago after a stint in confinement at the dog home. She’s been taking a little while to settle in (hence wasn’t sure whether or not she wanted to commit to being introduced to you) but now says ‘yes’ she feels ready for this next big step in getting to know her new world.

Here is a very sad photos of her at the dog home – you can see how much happier she is now.

And here is a photo of me checking out that I could lift her, as we knew  that with Dream Catcher’s near vertical steps out of the saloon, we needed to be able to lift her into the cockpit.

It’s so sad to think that someone could surrender such a beautiful dog.  She has a lovely, sweet nature and loves all people and other dogs too.

She’s 20 months old, but hasn’t been trained before, so last Monday I’ve been working with a professional trainer (as I’ve never had a dog before and hadn’t a clue where to start!) on the doggie basic – walking to heel, loose lead walking, coming to call, stay etc .

All of these are important for us because Peter wants to be able to take her to work with him, and with his reduced mobility (following his paragliding accident) he needs to be assured that she is not going to run off (as he won’t be able to run and catch her) and that she will walk with him at his slower pace.

Our one major challenge at the moment is that car journeys freak her out (even though we always go to fun places) – maybe in the past she’s had a bad experience or only ever been taken to the vet – who knows.  Once again we’re working with the trainer on this, trying to make the car a fun place to be around, with lots of games – of course involving food treats 🙂

The other thing we haven’t covered yet is learning to play the guitar, so we’ll have to get onto that soon too ?!

Until next time, take care

Laini xx

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