It is with a huge pleasure in this post that I introduce Ziggy to you!


Ziggy joined Dream Catcher’s boat crew (i.e. myself and Peter) a month ago after a stint in confinement at the dog home. She’s been taking a little while to settle in (hence wasn’t sure whether or not she wanted to commit to being introduced to you) but now says ‘yes’ she feels ready for this next big step in getting to know her new world.

Here is a very sad photos of her at the dog home – you can see how much happier she is now.

And here is a photo of me checking out that I could lift her, as we knew  that with Dream Catcher’s near vertical steps out of the saloon, we needed to be able to lift her into the cockpit.

It’s so sad to think that someone could surrender such a beautiful dog.  She has a lovely, sweet nature and loves all people and other dogs too.

She’s 20 months old, but hasn’t been trained before, so last Monday I’ve been working with a professional trainer (as I’ve never had a dog before and hadn’t a clue where to start!) on the doggie basic – walking to heel, loose lead walking, coming to call, stay etc .

All of these are important for us because Peter wants to be able to take her to work with him, and with his reduced mobility (following his paragliding accident) he needs to be assured that she is not going to run off (as he won’t be able to run and catch her) and that she will walk with him at his slower pace.

Our one major challenge at the moment is that car journeys freak her out (even though we always go to fun places) – maybe in the past she’s had a bad experience or only ever been taken to the vet – who knows.  Once again we’re working with the trainer on this, trying to make the car a fun place to be around, with lots of games – of course involving food treats 🙂

The other thing we haven’t covered yet is learning to play the guitar, so we’ll have to get onto that soon too ?!

Until next time, take care

Laini xx

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It’s now been a month since my last post and I’ve been slowly settling down again to my music after a month in the UK visiting family.  I know it’s hard to believe, but I’ve already started working on my next album, even though I only released my last one in April. I’ve realised that I’m addicted to recording!!

It’s going to be quite different from my last album and I’m enjoying exploring some new styles, although I have to say that in the process, I’m realising which styles my voice doesn’t enjoy exploring!  There are a couple of tracks which really need a bit of a harder, rockier voice than I’ve ever done before for instance, but hey, what have I got to lose with giving it a go!

In the meantime though, I’d love to share with you another track from my last album with an accompanying lyric video.  Did you ever as a child have ‘flying dreams’?  I did, and this song is just about that – my recurring flying dream.

Official Lyric Video “When I Dream”

Until next time, take care

Laini xx

It’s hard to believe that it’s over 6 weeks since my last post.  Many of you know that I have been away in the UK for a month, visiting friends and family – most importantly my Mum who still lives in England and who I miss so much.

One of the absolutely fantastic things though, is that for the very first time, I got to meet in person some of English members of my facebook group “Laini’s Beach Shack” (which is open to all of my newsletter subscribers) – see the photos below: top left With Vince Nicoll, top right Andrew Hotston, bottom left with Ginny Salmon and Martin Hill, and bottom right with Mike and Helen Gould.

The Beach Shack has been a huge part of my life for over 3 years now – I have made some wonderful friends, have had a lot of fun and it really feels as though we have developed a community who have started to get to know each other and support each other.

The time away though gave me time to think about my direction in the coming weeks and months.

I knew before my trip to the UK that I needed a break.  Life has definitely changed over the past 6 months – my support role for my Husband, Peter, has increased (as his feet have been slow to heal following his accident in 2017), living back on the boat is definitely more challenging than in the house we rented during the first 12 months of his recovery; and, in addition, trying to keep up with all my music activities as well as my admin work for Peter’s business has been leaving little time for anything else and starting to take it’s toll on my health.

One of the main things I realised is that I needed to consolidate my online social media presence and reduce my regular ‘daily’ activities to give me more breathing space.

And so, it was with a huge amount of sadness that I came to the conclusion that I could no longer administrate and run the Beach Shack.

It’s funny though, how you can go on, knowing how important something has become for you, but not realising how important it has become for others too.  I knew that the Beach Shack had become more than just another facebook group for me, but a family, but I was both amazed and moved when The Shackers (as the members like to call themselves ?) started to tell me that it had become the same for them too and that they did not want to see it close.

And so, The Shackers have spoken and the Beach Shack lives on, but this is where it is really exciting – it is now being run by the members themselves for the members!

This is absolutely fantastic!  It has breathed fresh life into the group and it feels like an exciting new beginning.  It’s taken the pressure off me to organise all the daily activities and discussions, although I am very much a part of it, and I think it has given the group as a whole more a sense of collaborative ownership.

Special thanks, however, have to go to Vince Nicoll for taking on the Activity Co-ordinator role and also to Mike Raine who has taken on a joint Administrative role with Vince, whilst I continue to approve and welcome new members.

So, if you are not a member already, then please do consider joining.  It really is a fun place where you can participate as much or as little as you like.  It is a place where we get to know each other, where we have fun and where we talk all things music and non-music.

Here is the link once again.  Just click on the JOIN button once you reach the page and put in your best e-mail address for receiving my newsletters.


Next time I write I’ll fill you in on my current music projects.  In the meantime though, I’d love to share with you one more track from my latest album.  This is a quirky little number called ‘Puppet Man’ and is one of my favourite’s on the album.


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Until next time, take care

Laini xx

Now that the dust has started to settle a bit following my album release earlier this month, it’s been wonderful to be able to concentrate again on other things musical.  One of those things has been the song-writing collaboration with members of my facebook group – Laini’s Beach Shack.

This has been an absolute blast!  I have never, ever tried to co-ordinate a group song-writing collaboration over such a distance and I definitely had to  ‘wing’ the process as we went along.  I knew that most group members had never written a song in their lives, so working out the steps to guide total beginners also needed a bit of thought.

Anyway, first we needed an idea about what we would write the song about, so that had to be step one.

Quite a few members suggested possible titles or other more formed ideas we could write about, so we put it to the vote and the title “Butterfly Girl” was chosen.  So intriguing!!

None of us at that stage had any idea who Butterfly Girl was, but several brave members put their hands up to do a 10 minute individual free-write of who Butterfly Girl was to them.

Using elements from everyone’s free writing I produced a first lyrical draft of the song – 2 verses and a chorus – and then the group discussed possible lyrical changes.  In total the lyrics went through 3 re-writes . Here are the final lyrics:


She sits beside a woodland stream
Clothed in silk and lace
She wanders slowly through our dreams
Like a tryst on a summer’s day
She’s the warmth of an early spring
She’s the hope on a gentle breeze
She’s the rainbow in a shaft of light
That spears between the trees

Oh, share in your secrets, share your joy
Dance as your wings unfurl
Heal our hearts and lead us home
Play in our shadows
Butterfly Girl

We try to cage her in our minds
Catch her happiness
We try to hang on to her smile
Touch her shimmering dress
But she laughs and off she flies
To light someone else’s life
And we’re left all alone in the dark
On a cold and moonless night

Oh, share in your secrets, share your joy
Dance as your wings unfurl
Heal our hearts and lead us home
Play in our shadows
Butterfly Girl

The lyrics immediately lent themselves to a folk style melody and production but we needed to work out exactly what these would be.

One brave member put their hand up to have a go, and sent me through a recording in which she sang a beautiful chorus melody.  I added a verse melody to suit and voila, we had our song!!

All that we needed now was our production and this is where Mike Raine’s skills once again came in as he worked his magic with our song.

So, just before I play you the song, a huge congratulations to all those in the Beach Shack who took part – about 12 people in total from the initial concept – but particularly to those who were brave enough to have a go at the actual lyric and melody writing – Vince Nicoll, Mike Richard Gould, Gerry Haugh Silcock, Luna Keller and Mike Raine.

I hope you enjoy the song!


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I’m flying out to England on Friday for 4 weeks to spend time with family, so you won’t hear from me for a little while, but I Iook forward to sharing with you a few photos from my trip when I get back, together with news about my next musical projects.

Until then, take care,

Laini xx