Chilling out and feeding my muse in Strahan

I had a lovely relaxing start to this week spending time away in Strahan on the West Coast of Tasmania. It is such a beautiful (remote) place. Here are a couple of photos:


I’d forgotten how much I need times like that to restore my batteries and re-connect with the things I love – fresh air, nature, walking, sunrises and sunsets. It’s so good for my muse too – giving me the head space to create new thoughts and new songs. Here’s a photo of me caught in the act of song-writing.

I never went with the intention of starting a new song – in fact, I’d told myself I was going to have a total break from music; but then, as often happens when I start to get lost in my own head, ideas and words start to form. By the time I arrived back in Hobart, I’d almost finished the first lyric draft.

It got me thinking that it would be a nice idea to share the process of writing a song from the first scratchy notes through to the finished produced track, so I bravely posted those first lines on the walls of my beach shack facebook group (something I’ve never, ever done before). I’ll be sharing the song’s progress with everyone in group, which is open to anyone who has signed up for my newsletters so please come on over and join us there if you’d like to follow along. Here is the sign-up link. You will receive a welcome e-mail with a link to the facebook group.

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My priority over the next 2-3 weeks though is to finalise the second single and music video from my soon to be released album. I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of my subscribers before releasing it to the public, so one again do please sign-up (using the same link above) if you’d like to be the first to hear it.

Laini xxx