Dancing out of my comfort zone!

I have absolutely no idea how myself and Peter used to cope when we both worked office jobs 9-5pm.  I know many of you reading this will be in relationships where you both do, but boy, it’s hard going isn’t it!!  And, I totally take my hat off to you! Those of you with children deserve an extra medal!!!

I know, I’m very lucky – I support Peter with the admin for his business (which I can do from home) which usually takes me a couple of hours at the most each day, leaving me time to work on my music and time to do the chores necessary to keep home life ticking along without too much stress.

Last week though reminded me just how tough it can be when both partners are out for the whole day – the house slowly starting to look like a war zone, evening meals a case of takeaways or last-minute-decision 15 minute preparations based on fewer and fewer ingredients in the fridge (or a dash to the corner shop) not to mention the backlog of work I should have been doing.

I have to say though, the week of home chaos was totally worth it!

Did I tell you I love dance?  Maybe, I can’t remember.  What I won’t have told you though, is that, whilst longing to learn,  I never actually have.

Well, last week, I was lucky enough to remedy that by attending a week long dance workshop run and directed by one of Australia’s leading choreographers Phillip Channell. There were only 12 participants and each day we explored movement in an improvisational way with the aim of putting together a performance for the Friday evening.

I have to confess, that at times I felt totally out of my comfort zone, and reflecting on it I realised that over my lifetime I’ve built up this inner strength and resilience (together with inhibitions) which I had to really challenge myself to break down and let go of to allow me to express myself with movement (especially the movement which involved close physical interaction with the other dancers).

I’ll be honest – I had moments when I panicked inside and froze up, but everyone was so lovely and non-judgemental and it did become easier as the week went along.

What I am  really hoping though is that what I can take away from this experience will help me with my music, as one of the things which holds me back more than anything is my inhibitions.

Also, I would love to think that with my new discovery into dance, I can eventually combine choreographed movement with my music videos, adding an extra element of creativity into them.

Anyway, now that I’ve had a taste, I’m addicted, and this week I’ve signed up for classes with an Adult Dance Company here in Hobart.  I’ll let you know how I go over time.  Hopefully, I’ll discover a grace I never knew I had!

Meanwhile though, I’m back into the recording studio with Mike Raine this week to continue working on my album tracks, so next time I look forward to sharing with you a little more about how that is progressing.

Until then, take care

Laini xx

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