December News and Happy New Year

December has been such a busy musical month. I was really happy to finally be able to share with my subscribers my first ever music video!! It felt kind of nice to be able to do this in my last newsletter before Christmas (even though it was totally unplanned!). The feedback that I’ve had so far has been wonderful.

The Christmas and New Year break has been a very relaxing time for me, staying in a friend’s house up on the slopes of Mount Wellington, waking up in the morning to the sight of Wallabies hopping around the garden and the distant view of the d’Entrecasteaux channel through the surrounding trees. The challenge whilst here is to tame the garden wallabies!

The other great thing about staying in this house is that it has a piano. I haven’t played for years (one of the downsides of living on a boat) and I’ve been enjoying sitting down in the evenings, re-learning the bass clef and teaching my fingers once again how to move over the keys. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it – I just need a house! Or a bigger boat!

Now that the main festivities are over though, I’m turning my mind once again to the musical tasks at hand. The most important of these is the official release of my first single ‘Dreams Come’ in January. I’ll let you know a little bit more about this the next time I write as I would love your assistance in helping me to promote this by sharing the event with as many friends and family members as possible.

The other tasks I have to do in January are to finish the cover version of the Portishead ‘Roads” track that I started with Mike in mid December (including a simple performance video) and, to plan the video for my second original single release.

I also have quite a few new things planned for the early part of 2017 including some ‘facebook live’ videos so that I can let you into my world a little further, both musical and non-musical. So, if you’re on facebook, keep your eyes peeled for my announcements (don’t forget to hop across and follow me at It will be a first for me, but I’m excited (albeit a little nervous) about having a go. To get me going the first video will be a tour of my home (the boat) – it won’t take long as it’s not very big! The other thing I am planning is to start a facebook group so that I can connect with you a little better. I’ll tell you more about this another time, but I’d love you to be a part of it if you’re interested.

So, all that’s left for me to do now is to wish you a very Happy New Year. I hope that 2017 is filled with warmth and love for you and that all your hopes and dreams are fulfilled – keep dreaming!

Until next time, take care,