Decisions, Decisions!


First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who has given me their thoughts on my logo. At this stage the ‘Laini over the crescent moon’ designed by Mike Raine is the most popular and so I’ve changed over to it from the bold LC design – thanks Mike – great design! I’m always open to new ideas, though, and in fact a couple of days ago I did receive another wonderful logo design idea from James Lovern which I’m going to post to facebook in a couple of days time for you all to see – thank you James.

Those of you who have been following me on my facebook music page http:/ will know that, on Friday, as a huge thank you to all of you who have supported me by signing up for my mailing list, I am going to send you a free MP3 download of my debut single. I will not be releasing the single to the Public for a few weeks yet as I still have to shoot an accompanying video, and you’ll hear more about that in future newsletters.

Before I send you the single though, I just wanted to fill you in on how I chose this song from the 13 on the album and tell you a little more about the song.

Choosing a song was not as easy as I thought!

Step 1 – I asked 5 people (co-writer Jimmy Reece, Producer Mike Raine, vocal coach Eleanor Webster and of course, how could I not include my Husband Peter and my Mum Pam) to independently select 3 possible song contenders and rank them in order. Of course, I gave myself the same task. Foolproof you would think ? Well, not so. Everyone’s first choice was different and when I put together all 3 choices from everyone, I had all 13 tracks on my list – AAGH!!!!! OK, look on the positive side Laini – there’s something for everyone on the album!

Step 2 – I looked at everyone’s list to find the common cross-overs and PHEW, 2 songs appeared on 4 of the 6 lists.  These were ‘Dreams Come’ and ‘Blue’.

Step 3 – I decided to make the final decision mine alone; and, after changing my mind several times, I decided that my debut single should be ‘Dreams Come’ with ‘Blue’ being my second single release from the album in a couple of months time. Both have a very different feel and I think should provide a nice contrast to each other.

So what can you expect on Friday ? Well, I love the different variations and elements of surprise in ‘Dreams Come’. It is dark and crunchy and builds powerfully with some wonderful middle eastern rhythms and instrumental melodies ( I still get the shivers when it comes to Miranda Wageman’s haunting violin sections). Then, throw into the mix Mike Raine on the African Djembe drums and, well…….. you’ll hear on Friday 🙂

Just to wet your appetite , here is an excerpt from the lyrics:


So, please watch your inboxes on Friday. This is the first time I will have tried to send an MP3 download link, so please, if you encounter any problems, please let me know straight away so that I can sort it out and get the song to you asap.

You’ve still time to sign-up for the download if you haven’t done so yet.  Just click on the link below:

SIGN-UP for FREE download

Until next time, take care!

Laini xx