Emerging from my Tasmanian Cocoon Blinking ?

How do I start to writing a new post, when I’ve not written one for 2 years – stopping without any warnings or explanations? It’s not easy, so much has happened – not just in my life, but I know in everyone’s lives too as the Pandemic has changed the way we both live and think.

It’s been a turbulent 18 months for the Colman household – not just because of Covid, but in many other ways. Paid work came to an abrupt end for myself and my Husband Peter – not at the time in a pleasant way, but, in that strange way things work out, was probably one of the best things that could have happened to us, as the pay-out enabled us to pay the mortgage off on our house. So, after 20 years of living on a boat, we finally placed our feet on solid ground and sold our last boat ‘Dream Catcher’ – a bitter sweet end to one life chapter full of adventures, and the start of another, hopefully with more adventures to come.

This couldn’t have happened at a better time, as the inevitable arrived with Peter needing more surgery on his feet (following his paragliding accident in 2017) with walking having become unbearably painful. We are now half way through the procedures with one foot now in the healing process following fusion surgery and the second foot booked in for the same surgical procedure in 2 months time. The recovery time for each foot is 3-6 months, including long periods of rest and leg elevation, so it’s a long, slow process, but one which we really hope will give Peter much more mobility than he has had for a long time.

Having to be on hand to help him has been good for me, as finally, after months and months of non-music I’ve started to write songs again and play the piano! My hiatus was partly due the fact that for 8 months I’ve suffered from tenosinovitis in my right thumb which has meant that until very recently, my right hand has been non-operational, so I’ve not been able to play the piano or guitar. Finally though, after 2 cortico-steroid injections and hand physio, it seems to be on the mend, although I’m having to be careful in how much I use it. One of the bedrooms is now firmly my music room and it feels a luxury to be able to set it up and not dismantle everything after each session as I did on the boat.

I’ve already started recording again with my long time friend and Producer, Mike Raine, and I’m looking forward to sharing music with you very soon, and releasing a 3rd album this year.

Our gorgeous pooch, Ziggy, is also loving the house and garden. She had a rough few months last year with skin infections, but now she’s come good and we seem to be managing it well. I absolutely love her to bits, but have to admit that she has also taken up a lot of my time and energy over the past 2 years. Getting a rescue dog without any prior training and lots of anxieties has meant that we’ve had a lot to work through, but again she is starting to respond beautifully and she rewards us in kind with so much love. She’s still terribly mischievous though!

Here we both are sitting on the deck at Christmas together

Until next time, take care,