Happy Christmas!! Plus a sneak preview of Santa Paws practicing!

It’s hard to believe how long it is since my last post.  I’ve been having a break from all things musical as I’ve been working hard to settle our new, beautiful Rescue dog ‘Ziggy’ into our lives and onto our boat (our home) –  ‘Dream Catcher’.

I have to confess I was totally naive about how hard it would be to take on a dog from the dog’s home who arrives with so many anxieties as well as being untrained.

And, I won’t lie – there have been times I’ve wondered what we’ve done, I’ve had meltdowns, and I’ve wondered if I’d ever get my life back.

Well, we’ve still a lot of work to do with her, but I am really happy to be able to say that she is becoming an absolutely wonderful companion. She is incredibly affectionate, and is slowly overcoming her anxieties.  She has a stubborn streak and can be wilful, but everyone who meets her loves her and so do we!  And yes, I AM slowly getting my life back!

And so, next year I’m looking forward to resuming work on my 3rd album and to sharing with you news about that.

In the meantime though I’d like to share with you with another track from my recent album called ‘Dark Angel’.  This is about Kunyani (Mount Wellington) who stands watching over Hobart.  Every morning I wake to see her there and I never cease to be in awe of her – she is magnificent and solid and gives me a sense of things unchanging and being grounded, despite all the madness going on in the world.  Once again I have to thank MIke Raine for his wonderful production which has really brought this song to life.  I hope you enjoy listening.

And so, as I close, I’d like to wish you a safe and happy Christmas and New Year whether you are spending it alone or with family.  I know that whilst for some it can be a time of joy and yet for others who are alone, it can be a little sad.  Whatever your circumstances, I will be thinking of you.

We have no family here in Tasmania, so it will be a quiet Christmas Day for us, meeting up with some fellow boatie ‘liveaboards’ for an evening bbq, and then over to a friend’s on Boxing Day to sit on the verandah sharing good company, food and drink.  I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll leave you with this photo of  Ziggy, practicing for her upcoming role as Santa Paws – I hope it makes you smile 🙂

Until next time, take care

Laini xx

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