I’m listening! Plus a journey through landscapes and abandoned places


This week I thought I’d talk to you a little more about the cover project that I’m working on with Mike Raine, as we have very nearly reached completion and it won’t be long now before I can start sharing songs with you.

Before I do that though, I just want to let you know that I’ve finally finished the hand-written lyric sheets for everyone who voted for a 3rd single release from my album, so if you did, then yours will be winging it’s way to you over the next couple of weeks (yes, that’s how long it seems to take mail to get from Tasmania to the rest of the world!)

Here are a few of them, ready to go.

Thank you once again.

My aim is to release ‘Somewhere’ as a single (with a music video) in July/August.

Anyway, back to the cover project. We started this in January with the aim of recording covers for 12 songs. These are the 12 that we chose:

Roads – Portishead
Teardrop – Massive Attack
Waiting Line – Zero 7
Human Behaviour – Bjork
Dernière Dance – Indila
Do you Remember – Jarryd James
In a Manner of Speaking – Tuxedomoon
The Sea – Moorcheeba
Dust to Dust – Civil Wars
Crush – Garbage
Apocalypse – Cigarettes after Sex
Soothing – Laura Marlin

The challenge was to make our versions a little different, whilst not losing the essence of the original song.

We’ve now almost finished first recordings of all the songs, and are now about to head into the Listening Phase.

You may remember me talking about this phase in a previous post when I was working on my debut album ‘Laini Colman’. Basically we have to try to separate ourselves from the songs and try to listen to them from the perspective of another listener to identify any areas that need fixing.

It’s not easy as there’s a tendency to hone in on things that the listener is not going to care about, or even notice, whilst missing something that might really bug the listener.

There are several tricks which help though:

Playing the songs in one room while in another room – maybe doing something different and only half concentrating, listening to them very quietly, and holding off listening for a few days.

No doubt by the end of this listening phase, my ears will be once again very tired, and I will hate the sound of my own voice!

Once we’ve listened and listened and tweaked, then it’s onto mastering the tracks, and then, they will be ready to release – YEAH!

And, once again, if you haven’t yet heard our cover of ‘Roads’ which was first off the rank in January, then just click this link.

‘Roads’ Music Video


This week in my shout-out section (for a member of my facebook group “Laini’s Beach Shack”) I’d like to introduce you to the photography of Tammy Stewart at Le Bel Age. Tammy truly has a wonderfully, creative eye, and I particularly love her shots of landscapes and abandoned places.   Take a look here


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Next time I write I’ll share a few photos with you from the studio.

So, until next time,

Take care

Laini xx