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I’m very happy to be able to share with you today some behind-the-scenes footage from my recording session with Mike Raine last Thursday when we worked on the vocals for a new song “Dark Angel”.  We’d laid down the instrumental the week before, but another time I’ll share this process with you too.

It’s very difficult to condense over 2 hours into 10 minutes, but I hope I’ve included enough to give you a snapshot of the morning and to give you an idea of what a recording session is like.

So much of the time during the actual recording phase is taken up with just myself and Mike listening back to what we’ve just recorded with our headphones on and is not audible to anyone else, so, of course, those bits had to come out straight away.

The first 5 minutes covers some of the voice recording, and the second 5 minutes (taken from a different angle and with better lighting) some of the editing.

Interestingly, you’ll hear my phone picking up the noise of Mike’s wife in the kitchen boiling the kettle and doing the housework in the first half, but don’t worry, the microphone recording my voice doesn’t pick it up 🙂

I’m not sure yet whether or not this song will make it onto my next album, but it will certainly be a contender.

So, just click on the link below and enjoy.  And, if you have any questions,  please just drop me a line at – I love questions ?.

In the studio with Mike Raine Thursday 12 April

Until next time, take care,

Laini xx
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