It’s a close call and a visit to Prague

Well Autumn is on it’s way here in Tasmania which I still find strange having been brought up in the Northern Hemisphere. One lovely thing about Tasmania, compared to most of mainland Australia, is that it has 4 seasons – not just summer and winter, which in northern Australia is either hot and wet, or hot and dry. The leaves are starting to turn a beautiful golden colour and it there is a chill in the air.  In think Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons.

This last week has been strange and I’ve felt quite unsettled. I don’t know whether that is post album-release blues, or whether it is just because my mind is full of so many things. I really feel the need to de-clutter as my music is taking a bit of a back seat.

We still have our old boat ‘Pied Piper’ rafted up to our new boat ‘Dream Catcher’ and the process of working on Pied Piper to get her ready to put on the market as well as start work on the things we need to do to ‘Dream Catcher’ to get her ship-shape and ready to sail is taking up a lot of my attention and energy. I guess that is one of the down-sides of buying anything old, whether it be a house or a boat – it has character and lots of potential, but with that, goes lots of work.

I’m really looking forward to the day when we can finally slip the lines and head out for a sail. I absolutely adore ‘Dream Catcher’ though and the extra living space we have has made it all worthwhile. We’ve already identified the place for a keyboard which I’m very excited about.

I particularly love the closed in cockpit (something we didn’t have on Pied Piper). Here’s a photo of me with my first cup of coffee in the morning, enjoying the sun that pours in, making it the warmest ‘room’ on the boat during these cool mornings. Yes, I’m still in my dressing gown!

Last week, I asked for your help in choosing a 3rd single to release from my album. Thank you to everyone who has already given me their choice.

I’m going to keep this open for another couple of weeks, as I really need more votes to be able to make a definite choice – it’s just too close for comfort at the moment between 4 songs.

So, if you have the time, I would be really grateful if you could listen to the tracks and let me know your favourite (excluding ‘Dreams Come’ and ‘Blue’ which I have already released) by writing to me a As a thank you I’ll send you a hand-written lyric sheet of the song of your choice, so be sure to send me your postal address with your choice.

Here are the links to my album on Spotify and my website:

‘Laini Coman’ on Spotify

‘Laini Colman on Website

Weekly Shout Out:

Finally, I’m going to start including a regular Shout Out section in my newsletters for some of the wonderfully talented people in my facebook group ‘Laini’s Beach Shack’ (which is open to all of my newsletter subscribers).

Today my shout out is for the Ally Gill’s delightful blog “I’ll Czech In Later – A Newbie in Prague”.  It is a collection of stories, articles and photos based on his experiences living as an expat in Prague, the city of a hundred spires. I have learnt so much about this lovely city thanks to Ally, and his blog is beautifully written and is both entertaining and informative . I truly recommend you check it out.

Until next time, take care

Laini xx

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