Laini the Echidna Whisperer, plus the first single has been chosen!

So, I really, really, really tried…..honest…..but failed ?.  That is to make, all by myself, my first full length green screen music video (you may remember that I shared with you some behind-the-scenes photos last month of the green screen process).

It’s not that my concept wasn’t good, or that my initial video footage was bad (although that could certainly have been better) but rather, that I was trying to do something too ambitious for my video editing software (iMovie).

iMovie is great for simple projects (I used it for my music videos for “What if”, “Dreaming” and “I Feel” (where there was only one of me at one time in the video).  But, because I was trying to layer 3 “me’s” in a single moment in the video, I kept having to render each layer down separately (up to 6 times) which lost a lot of quality and the end result was very, very  poor.

So, I’m sorry, I’ve broken my promise to share with you this Music Video. My options in future are to invest in and learn how to use more powerful video editing software; or, as previously, enlist the help of Mike Raine (who produces all my music and is a wizz at videos)

I do have a video to share with you though ?.

Last week I was walking in the Knocklofty Reserve, just up behind where we’re living at the moment, and a wallaby bounded away from me (as they do when suddenly startled).  It got me thinking how lucky I am to live somewhere with such amazing wildlife.

Then, who should I spot as I round the corner but this curious little creature, all curled up in a ball as he heard me approaching.  I immediately crouched down, put my bag down between my legs, and carefully got the video on my phone working, expecting this normally shy creature to scurry away as soon as he was brave enough to lift his head and see me.

But no!  He wanted to check me out!!  My Husband, Peter, has come to the conclusion (very logically) that he thought I must be an anthill!  Click on the link below to take you to the video

Laini, The Echidna Whisperer

I do also, have some exciting news for you on my album.  I held a listening party in Laini’s Beach Shack (my facebook group for all newsletter subscribers) last week.  It was really fun – here is a still from the video footage.

Following the party, members of the group voted on which track I should release as a first single (thank you so much to all of you who voted!). It was a really close call between 4 tracks and I ended up having to make an Executive decision between the top 2 tracks which received the same number of votes.

So, I am really happy to announce that the first single will be “Take A Breath” and that also will be the album title.  Here is the full track listing:

01 Puppet Man
02 Take A Breath
03 When I Dream
04 Love Feels So Strange
05 Noise Before Thought
06 Who’s Been Sleeping In My Brain
07 Empathetically
08 Swans
09 I Breathe You In
10 Dark Angel
11 Oh My Darling

So, the next stage now is to organise the album artwork, shoot a Music Video for the first single release and organise all my promotional material.

I will soon be taking pre-orders for the album on my website and I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.  If you are a newsletter subscriber though, you will get the chance to hear the first single and the full album before I release it to the public.  If you are not already a newsletter subscriber and you would like to sign up, then here is the link:

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Until next time, take care

Laini xx

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