Life returning to normal; plus, watch Peter’s Air Rescue

It’s been quite a full on chaotic 2 weeks since I last posted, but finally, last Friday we moved from the bush cabin (which provided us with our first temporary accommodation following Peter’s discharge from hospital) to the furnished rental in West Hobart which we’ve secured for the next 12 months.

Now I’m slowly bringing our possessions over from the boat to the house and yesterday collected my guitar, keyboard and recording gear which felt wonderful – it’s been over 6 weeks now since I’m even put any thought to playing and writing!

I think we’re going to be very happy here for the next 12 months whilst Peter recovers from his accident.  The weather has turned a little cold since we moved in and for the first 3 days it rained non stop, but I took these 2 photos from the living room door out onto the verandah – I’m looking forward to sitting out here when the weather fines up.

And, I’ve bought a second hand bbq, so hoping the weather is good for a traditional Aussie seafood bbq out here over Christmas 🙂

Music wise, as you probably know, things have been very quiet for me in recent weeks, but I did find the time to upload another lyric video to Youtube of one of my remaining debut album tracks.  I hope you enjoy it:

‘Falling Down’ Lyric Video

And, if any of you are feeling creative and would like to have a go at creating a music video for my Youtube channel- lyric or non-lyric – to any of the remaining tracks on my debut album, then that would be wonderful.  Just let me know and I’ll send you the track.

Finally, if any of you are interested in watching Australias ‘Air Rescue’ show which featured Peter’s rescue following his accident, then the media company have kindly put it up on VIMEO for anyone outside of Australia.  I have to admit, I found it very hard to watch and felt a little tearful, but I’m glad I did.  The show provides a lot of funding to the Westpac Air Rescue Service and we are incredibly grateful to them for everything they did.

Just click on the photo below and fast forward to 1:30 for the start of the show.

And, I can’t close without once again thanking everyone who has written or offered us support over this past 6 weeks – we are incredibly grateful to you too.  This incident has brought home to us what wonderful friends we have!

Until next time, take care


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