Listen to my Independent Music Awards Submission

First of all thank you to all of my newsletter subscribers who have given me such wonderful feedback on my cover version of ‘Human Behaviour’ by Bjork which I shared with you last week.  I know that it left some of you a little bemused, but then, how can you do a Bjork cover and it not be so ? .

I’ve been working hard this week on the submission process to get the single ready for online distribution on all the major streaming channels and iTunes and am now pleased to announce that the official release date will be 21 July.  

Another exciting thing for me this week is that I received the printed CDs for my cover album.  I am so, so happy with how it is looking and sounding.  I am hugely grateful to Mike Raine for helping me to realise this project – for all his wonderful playing and production ideas, and for his creativity with the artwork.

At this stage I have decided to make the album available for purchase only on my website by either MP3 download or physical CD, but I will be releasing singles from it over the course of the next few months on all the major streaming channels and iTunes.  I will let you know as soon as I have the album available on my website (sometime in August) and also, as and when I am releasing the singles.

A final piece of news this week is that I have entered my debut album and the first single from it ‘Dreams Come’ into the Independent Music Awards, together with 2 of the covers from my new album – Bjork’s ‘Human Behaviour’ and Winston Tong’s ‘In a Manner of Speaking’.  The singles are eligible for fan votes, so I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate it if you could take a listen to the songs on my IMA Artist page and register to vote for them if you enjoy listening to them.  Here is the link to my Artist Page.


Thank you – your support means the world to me!

Until next time, take care

Laini xx