Maybe NOT the red wellies, nifty footwork, take

Well, it’s now a week since I released my 3rd single ‘Somewhere’ from my debut album and I’ve received some lovely feedback.  If you haven’t yet had chance to watch the music video then just click on this link:  ‘Somewhere’ Music Video

And, if you would like to download ‘Somewhere’ (or purchase the full album) then you can do so on my Store Page.  All sales will go to help me with the production costs of my next album.

Now that I’ve released the final single from my debut album I’ve been able to concentrate on my other ongoing music projects.

On Monday I headed once again down to Ranelagh to continue working with Mike Raine on the music video for our cover of Bjork’s ‘Human Behaviour’.  This one really is proving quite a challenge for us! The following snippets of conversation just about sum up how we got on this week:

1. Me – “I’ve been thinking ” Mike – “Oh No !”

2. Me – “Oh no, we’ve broken a Tulip Head!”  Mike – “No worries – Gaffa Tape to the rescue!!”

3. After 10 different takes uploaded to the computer: Mike – “Oh no, the lighting was all wrong, the Chroma key won’t work, we’ll have to start again!”

4. Me – “Can we re-take again please, I forgot to sing!”

5. Me – “It’s all about co-ordination Mike, you just have to know when to take your foot off the tulips!”

6. After uploading all our new takes, programme hangs up – Mike – “Ummmmm, when did I last do a save……AGH!”

7. Me – “Maybe NOT the red wellies, nifty footwork take!”

8. Me – “Can ‘That Me’ move up to the top corner, so it’s looking down on ‘That Me, and have ‘That Me’ behind ‘That me’ but with the arms of ‘That me’ not covering up the face of ‘That me'” ???? Mike (trying to be very patient) – please can you call ‘That Me’s’ ‘Talking Me’ and ‘Singing Me’ 

9. After 2 and a half hours, Mike – “This really isn’t working, the lighting is still wrong, I’m not happy! Mmmm – shall we try again next week!?”  Me – “mmmmm – OK”

So, we try again next week!  Watch this space!

The rest of the week has been a little more successful.  I’ve been working on recording some basic demos of new songs.  I’ve found it a challenge as since I had a cold last month I’ve been struggling with sinusitis and a dry, tickly cough which have affected my singing voice, but I finally managed to get some decentish recordings (albeit I know I could have sounded better).  Once my voice is fully back to full strength I’ll share these songs with you.  Some of these will eventually be included in my second album.

I’ve lots more news to share with you on the horizon, but I’ll save that for another time 🙂

In the meantime, take care

Laini xx

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