Persian Treasures and Your Free Gift

The weeks are flying by and winter is well on it’s way here in Tasmania. We have seen our first dusting of snow on the top of Mount Wellington, but no ice on the jetty yet. That’s always a hazard!

Most of my week has been spent focussing on Pied Piper – cleaning and scrubbing and making her look beautiful for sale, which I have to say, she is. I always think it’s a shame that we focus on making something look beautiful for the next owner, but neglect to do it for ourselves – life just gets in the way!

Anyway, we had a first viewing on Wednesday and another today, so fingers crossed she will sell soon and we can focus on our energy on our vision for ‘Dream Catcher’ and for me of course, my music.  This next week I’m going to do some research to find a keyboard that will fit in the spot on the boat we’ve identified for it – exciting!!

When I focus on something I turn a bit into a woman possessed and don’t listen to my body. This is what happened this last week. I knew I was getting tired, but just kept on with the cleaning – contorting myself into all sorts of strange, seemingly impossible, positions to reach into the deepest, darkest of Pied Piper’s lockers (She has almost 50 – unbelievable in a small boat!!)

On Monday I took a break to head down to Huonville (such a pretty drive – I’ll have to take some photos soon to share with you) for my singing lesson in the morning and then on to Mike’s home studio in the afternoon for recording. All day I felt a really strange disconnection between my brain and the world and I found it hard to focus.

In hindsight it was quite funny, Mike wanted me to sing a certain harmony note, but however many times he sang it, I kept singing another note (my ears/brain were convinced we were singing the same note even though we weren’t– quite bizarre!).

Anyway, that night I had a migraine  – should have listened to my body! Unfortunately, it’s been lingering ever since which has made me feel very drained, and I even struggle to do my singing practice when I’m feeling like this, so yesterday I undertook a bit of self-care by making myself a hair appointment – I just love the head massage bit!

Here’s a couple of photos of me being unashamedly coy and theatrical showing off my new cut

Anyway, my resolution for this next week is to take it a bit easier and take time out for relaxation and music.

On the music front, the cover project I’m working on at the moment with Mike is going well and I’m really keen to start sharing some more of the tracks with you in the near future.

For the moment though, the first cover we recorded a couple of months ago of the classic Portishead track ‘Roads’ will soon be available for streaming on Spotify and downloading on iTunes.  If you’d like to download it for free and haven’t already subscribed to my newsletters, then just click this link:

Free MP3 download of ‘Roads’


And now, onto my weekly shout-out for another of the wonderfully talented members of my facebook group ‘Laini’s Breach Shack’ (which is open to all my newsletter subscribers).

Today, be prepared girls to drool, and guys to guard your wallets, as my shout-out is for Lisa Lamarre and the stunningly gorgeous luxury jewellery and accessories she designs and sells through her company ‘Oxus’.

All of her exquisite pieces are inspired by the Oxus Treasure (the name given to a collection of priceless artefacts gathered over the span of the Achaemenid (First Persian) Empire, before it’s collapse at the hands of the Alexander the Great more than 300 years ago) and the alluring serpent of the same name ‘OXUS’ which forms the company logo.

You can see her latest range here:

Next time I write, I’ll reveal which track has been chosen for the 3rd single release from my album. Thank you everyone who has sent me their choices – it was a close call for a couple of weeks, but now, one track has leapt ahead.  I’ll be sending out a hand-written lyric sheet to those of you who have voted in a couple of weeks time.

So, until next time, have a great week and take care

Laini xx

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