2 CD album signed package and MP3 download – “Take A Breath” (2019) plus “Laini Colman”(2017)

Order a signed CD of Laini’s second studio album “Take A Breath” (release date 31st May 2019)  together with a signed CD of Laini’s self-titled debut album and immediately receive a high quality MP3 digital download of both albums so that you can start listening straight away.



Take A Breath is my second studio album and I am really, really happy to finally be able to let if fly free, out to the world, after what has seemed an eternity in the making! 

I started writing and recording the songs in October 2017, but various life events kept rearing up to get in the way, forcing me to take breaks.  C’est la vie – as they say!

Life however, provides songwriters with wonderful inspiration so it’s not always such a bad thing ?. 

I have to give a huge thanks to Mike Raine once again for helping me to bring this album to life with his wonderful productions and for his tireless patience.

I also have to thank Matt Steady for his haunting and beautiful fiddle playing on “Oh My Darling”, and to members of my facebook group “Laini’s Beach Shack” who helped me choose my first single releases, as well as providing the inspiration for another of the tracks on the album “Who’s Been Sleeping In My Brain”.

The photos for the album artwork were taken by Mike Raine and Pamela Rosalynde; and, with her magical touch, Tammy Stewart has turned these into some beautiful fantasy pieces for the album.  Thank you to all 3 of you!

Co-written with Tasmanian artist Jimmy Reece and produced by Mike Raine, my debut album “Laini Colman” explores the world of dark, cinematic pop.  It draws upon a wide range of influences and genres spanning pop, electronic, dance, alternative, acid jazz, soul, and uses quirky arrangements of electronic and real instruments on beds of lo-fi crunchy loops to create a unique sound.  It was released in April 2017.

All orders will immediately receive a high quality MP3 digital download, so that you can start listening straight away. 

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