“Racka Shacka” CD (Beach Shackers discounted price)



Racka Shacka is my third studio album with an official release date on all streaming channels of 16th November 2022.

It has a more uplifting feel than my first 2 albums and I’ve enjoyed channeling this side to my songwriting.  The themes are as varied as the production styles, and for the latter I have to thank Mike Raine, once again, for his amazing vision and talent.  Working remotely with Mike during Covid was a first for me, but it worked really well.

4 of the 11 tracks have already been released as singles from the album, firstly taking the listener back to a 60s retro feel with “Dance With The Daffodils” before moving onto the autobiographical “Oceania”.  Thirdly, a journey through grief with  “Sweet Suffering”, before a light and sunny “Yellow Settee”, written literally whilst sitting on a yellow settee, listening to the sound of the sea and surf through the open doors onto the deck.

A huge thanks to Pam Savage, Peter Colman, Jo Wolf, Mike Raine and Steve Smith for helping me choose these 4 singles!

And, another big thank you to Peter Colman for creating all the album artwork – I absolutely love it!

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 140 × 125 × 5 mm