“RACKA SHACKA” is finally here! Get those feet moving to the Ranga Change beat! ?

Oh yay, oh yay, my third album “Racka Shacka” has been released today!  You can now start getting those feet Racka Shacking to the Ranga Changa beat! You’ve just got to find the right song to listen to ?!  Just click on the link below to your favourite streaming channel to start listening.  I would love to know which is your favourite track!


There are a limited number of signed physical CDs available for the die-hard CD players amongst you.  Just click on the link below if you’d like to purchase one


On another note, I’m currently in rehearsals for the Christmas children’s production of “Alice Returns to Wonderland.  It will be my second performance with Sorell on Stage, a local award winning theatre group and I’m loving this new stage experience.

In it I play “The Griffin”, which incidentally was played by Spike Milligan in the 1973 movie “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”!  I have to say though that I didn’t get a huge amount of inspiration watching him – who can ever emulate Spike Milligan!  – so I’m trying to channel my own inner Griffin ?.

Next time I write I’ll share a bit of footage from my first role as the loud and gaudy 1920s cockney pub landlady, Maud, in the musical “Burlington Bertie” as well has share some photos from this latest production.

In the meantime take care,

Laini xx