Story of the failed wood chopper

Well, we’ve moved quickly into winter here in Tasmania – it’s been cold and wet and snow is on the mountain.  I should add that when I say mountain I mean “Kunyani” (Mount Wellington) which lies directly behind Hobart and is the city’s dominant feature.  My favourite item in the house at the moment is the wood heater.

Talking of which, I had a lesson from Peter this week in wood chopping.  Why?  Well, Peter heads into hospital next week for further (hopefully final) foot surgery and I will be his full time carer for 2-3 months while he sits with his foot elevated.  This also means, however, that unless I can chop wood, we won’t be able to keep warm, so it’s kind of crucial.  After 3 failed attempts at splitting a log, however, Peter decided we didn’t need any further foot injuries in the household, and so he abandoned the lessons and headed straight to “Bunnings” (Australia’s largest DIY retailer) and bought me an electric wood splitter.  Now the wood splitter is my favourite item.

And so, back to music.  Last time I wrote I promised you that I’d share a new music video for “Oceania” with you and so here it is.  I really hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it.