Tasmania at it’s most beautiful

In my last post I promised I’d let you know how I’ve been going as I turn my head once again to music after my trip to France.

I have to admit that it took me a little while to get going again as I was struggling with motivation and feelings of self-doubt – lack of self-confidence can be a real curse at times as I’m sure many of you know! Anyway, finally after a couple of weeks I started to get back into the swing of things, picking up from where I’d left off before France.

Whilst I was away I’d had a good think about which songs I want to work on more for my second album.  I’ve started slowly going through those now to start polishing up the vocals.  It’s a long and slow process making an album, but I’m determined not to rush things.  My goal is to have this second one ready for release before Christmas.  

I’ve also been working on a new music video for “I Feel” which is one of the tracks from my debut album.  It’s going well.  I posted a first version for everyone in my Beach Shack facebook group (open to all my Newsletter Subscribers) to see last week and following the comments I had, I’m working on a final version which I hope to have finished before the end of this week. 

I’ve been taking time out as well of course. The winter weather here in Tasmania can be beautiful – cold, crisp and sunny.  Last Sunday was just one of those days, so myself and Peter decided to go on a roadtrip up to Strathgordon and the Gordon Dam to the West of Hobart.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  I know that Tasmania is so far away for some of you, so I do love sharing photos with you to give you an idea of what it is like here. 

I also took some video along the way and have pieced it together into a short clip – less that 2 minutes.  You’ll see that Peter got very excited on the homeward journey when he spotted something high up on the hill – sorry, you just have to watch it to the end to find out what it was.  Just click on the link below:

Laini and Peter’s Roadtrip to Strathgordon 10 June 2018

Next time I post,  I’ll have a music video to share with you, so watch this space!.

Until then, take care

Laini xx

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