The Downs and Ups of a single day

Sometimes you wonder how many ups and downs you can have in a single day – hundreds I suppose, only normally, you don’t really notice them too much as they kind of blend gently one into the other.

Today seems to be one of those days when I am noticing them though (and it’s only 10:30 am!)

Down 1 – As of this morning I seem to have been banned from creating any new posts directly in my facebook group or in any other group I am a member of – Agh!!  Thankfully I still have full control over my music facebook page.  However, for all the members of my group, you will understand how frustrating this is!  I have managed to work a way around it, by posting first to my personal page and then sharing to the groups, but it does make my personal page look a little odd!  I have written to facebook for a solution, but in the meantime, if anyone can help me a solution, I would be immensely grateful!

Down 2 – there seems to have been a delay in the official release (sceduled for today) of my cover version of the Cigarettes song ‘Apocalypse’, caused by an issue over the Publisher/Copyright information provided by the distributor.  Again, very frustrating, but out of my control.  I will keep you posted as soon as the issue has been resolved as I’d love to be able to share this track with you.

Down 3 – This is a knock on affect from Downs 1 and 2 which have been filling up my thought processes this morning – I missed my hair appointment I’d booked for half an hour ago!

UP!!!!!  Of course, I have to save the UP for last.  This lovely blog post was written about me and published today by my very good friend Gabe Kikas.  Gabe is a college instructor in history and politics and has a passion for fine arts and fashion photography.  I love the way he has interwoven his own story with mine and his passions.  I do hope you enjoy reading it – I feel very honoured to have been chosen as a subject for his blog.  Just click on the link below:

So, now I’ve been able to pour out my daily woes to you and share my win, I’d better get the car booked in to have the air conditioning fixed as summer is most definitely on it’s way – 32C last Wednesday, and my white legs have had there first public airing

I do hope that your day is going a little smoother than mine 🙂

Until next time, take care


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