The Waiting Game; plus, listen to Apocalypse

With everything that has on going on this last few weeks, I have just realised that I never published this blogpost which I wrote on 5th November!  I’ll post it now to bring you up to date, but add a newer one with my latest news in just a few moments.


Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has written such wonderful messages of support to myself and my Husband, Peter, since my last newsletter, in which I told you about the nasty paragliding accident he had just had.  They have meant such a lot to me (and Peter) and have made me realise once again, the wonderful value of friendship (even over the distances that separate some of us).

I’m pleased to be able to tell you that the broken wrist and vertebra are healing nicely, but the heel surgery, which had been planned for last Thursday, has been put back until tomorrow, so we are very much still in that strange waiting zone before we feel all the interventions have been carried out and we can concentrate on getting Peter home and recovering.

So, at the moment my life still very much revolves around spending time with Peter at the hospital and a little time back on the boat preparing meals for him (hospital food is pretty grim!) getting washing done etc. etc.

My music, of course, has taken a bit of a back seat this past 2 weeks (and will continue to for the next few weeks) but on Monday afternoon, and with Peter’s encouragement, I went to Mike Raine’s for our regular Monday afternoon recording session. It was a wonderful break, and despite neither myself or Mike quite knowing where we had got to the last time we met a couple of weeks ago, and me feeling a little bleary, we had a really great session, working on the production for a new song called “Take a breath”, which I’m really excited about and looking forward to sharing with you soon.

Quite co-incidentally, the lyrics (which I wrote a few of weeks ago) have become quite appropriate! The first 4 lines are:

Take a breath my friend, take a breath
Before you do something you’ll regret
You think you’re invincible, got everything to prove
But I don’t want to lose you

When I played it to Peter when I got back to the hospital that evening, he absolutely loved it! I’ve a feeling it’s going to become one of my favourites on the new album.

We’ll continue to work on it when I see Mike tomorrow (it will be a wonderful distraction for me too as Peter undergoes surgery).

In the meantime though, I realised a couple of days ago, that I had totally forgotten that myself and Mike Raine’s cover version of the Cigarettes After Sex song ‘Apocalypse’ had been released!  So, I am really, really happy to be able to finally share this with you today.  I hope you enjoy listening


Until next time, take care

Laini xx

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