Trying to be a good listener

Studio shot2

What a roll myself and Mike have been on!

Over these last 2 weeks the recordings have come together beautifully and we’re now onto listening mode to try to identify any areas that need fixing. I never realised how difficult this would be – to separate myself from the songs and listen from the perspective of another listener –  I know too much about them and it’s hard to un-know what I know!

Mike has warned me to be aware of the tendency to home in on things that the listener is not going to care about, or even notice, whilst missing something that might really bug the listener.

He’s given me lots of listening tips to help:

  • Play the songs in one room while I am in another room – maybe doing something like washing the dishes so that I’m only half concentrating. This, he says, should make it easier for me to start hearing the things that really need fixing.
  • Hold off listening to them for a number of days (not easy!). Then I might hear things that bypassed me before.
  • Listen to them very quietly.

Mike’s also reminded me that recordings are never finished. There’s always something that can be improved upon, or an alternative pursued. The challenge is to realise when you have to rule a line and move on to the next stage of the project, which will be mixing and mastering.  He is a wise man!

So, here I go trying to learn how to be a good listener 🙂

In the meantime, here are a few photos from last week’s session  at Mike’s digital recording studio “Audio Illusion” in Ranelagh, Tasmania.

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Until next time, take care

Laini xx