I Feel

3rd track from my debut album “Laini Colman”  (click on link to stream and/or purchase)
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Keep trying to shoot you in the heart with metal words
Hoping that they’ll hurt enough to make you want to walk
My eyes are cold but then I turn and you don’t see
My face crumble to the floor

Oh. yes I feel

Keep trying to cut myself with knives of sharpened guilt
Hoping that the pain will pull me back to solid ground
But all I feel is numb and weakness in my knees
And I stumble to the floor

Oh. yes I feel
Oh. yes I feel

You know we can’t go on, can’t let our weakness win
Cross the line and compromise our lives for just more pain
But still you stand and catch my bullets in your hand
Let them tumble to the floor

Oh. yes I feel
Oh. yes I feel
Oh. yes I feel
Oh. yes I feel ………

Performed by:
Laini Colman
Jimmy Reece
Mike Raine

Written by Laini Colman and Jimmy Reece
Recorded at Cradoc and Ranelagh, Tasmania
Engineered by Jimmy Reece and Mike Raine
Produced by Mike Raine

Copyright Laini Colman 2018

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