Want to start Racka Shacking?

Oh yay, oh yay, I’m soon about to release my third album “Racka Shacka” and when I do you can learn all about how to start Racka Shacking ?!  Here’s a little teaser though to give you an idea!

Meanwhile though I have a limited number of signed physical CDs available and as a thank you for all your support I’d like to offer you the chance to purchase one of these before anyone else (and pre-release).  Just click on the link below:

Yes, it’s the old fashioned way of buying a CD – ‘sight unseen’, or probably in this case ‘hearing unheard’ ?.  However, you have heard 4 singles which I have already released from the album – Dance With The Daffodils, Oceania, Sweet Suffering and Yellow Settee so it’s not strictly hearing unheard.  If you’d like reminding what they sound like, just head over to this playlist on my Spotify Channel here:

Next time I write I’ll give you a pre-save link to the album on your favourite streaming channel. Release date is 16th November.

In the meantime take care,

Laini xx