Welcome Dark Clouds – Finding my Muse

As I write this I’m looking out at the dark clouds in the sky – welcome dark clouds!  I know, that sounds strange doesn’t it, but this summer has been so dry here in Tasmania (after an unusually dry winter) and the ground is parched and thirsty. It’s a bit how I feel at the moment – I need a bit of watering to help me find my muse again after a long, dry break musically.

My voice is slowly gaining strength with daily practice, although I’m being careful not to overdo it.  I’m actually pretty pleased with how it’s sounding as I don’t seem to have lost tone – just strength – and this should start to come back quickly once I resume my lessons with Eleanor again next week – she’s a hard task-master, in the best possible way!

I’ve started writing again, but oh boy, it feels a bit like drawing teeth.  It’s always the same after a break.  I came across this great quote last week which feels so appropriate to me at the moment:

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club – Jack London”.

Well, I’ve got my club in my hand and I’m going to smash my way through this “block” until inspiration flows more easily. I’ll probably be writing quite a few crappy songs to start with, but that’s just the way it goes, and out of all the crappy songs, I might just write a little gem.  Such is the life of a song-writer.

There is one song I’ve written however, which I am happy about.  I’m going to record an acoustic version of it to share with all my Newsletter Subscribers, so be sure to sign up before next week if  you’d like to hear it .

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I very rarely write from direct personal experience/feelings, but I have this time.  It’s a song which is very close to my heart and so performing it makes me feel very self-exposed and vulnerable; but, it is a song I feel I’ve had to write and share.

So, until next time, take care

Laini xx

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