When life gets turned upside down

My world has been turned a little upside-down this last week as last Sunday, my Husband, Peter, sadly had a nasty accident whilst Paragliding. Speaking to a friend who was with him at the time, I am very lucky that he is still here with me – it could have been a much worse outcome. However, he has shattered both heels, broken one ankle, broken a wrist and fractured a lumbar vertebra.

The wrist and lumbar vertebra are not serious. The vertebra will heal without any intervention and the wrist has been operated on and a titanium plate inserted – it is expected he will regain full use and mobility of it, once healed.

His feet, however, are more of a concern. We are not yet certain of the planned treatment, except knowing that surgery is planned for this coming Thursday once the swelling has subsided. What we do know, is that it is going to be a long journey of recovery.

He is however, in very good spirits and remaining positive.  We have had many challenges in life with the adventures we have had, and Peter is an incredibly strong person both mentally and physically.  We both see this as merely another of life’s challenges which we will face and work with.

Of course, my music has taken a back seat, but I am hoping to slowly start to get back into it as the days and weeks progress and adjusting to the circumstances at the time.

Today though, I’d love to share this video with you of some of the flying Peter and Ramon (the friend who was with him at the time) did on Sunday before the accident (don’t worry you won’t see the accident). It was brilliantly put together by Ramon (and I just love the music he chose – ‘Shake it Off’ by Milky Chance ).

Ramon went ‘above and beyond’ to firstly physically drag Peter from a very precarious position to a place of safety and then support him until the air ambulance arrived.

I think the video might help explain just why Peter is so addicted to Paragliding – being able to fly like a bird! 

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