Listen to my new single (pre-public release) !!

What a week I’ve had.

I sat my first ever singing exam last Sunday and on Wednesday received my A+ result, so I was absolutely over the moon about that.

I decided to sit singing exams as I felt it would be good for me to really get to grips with ‘proper’ singing technique, not only for voice tone, but also for vocal health – it is so easy to damage the delicate vocal chords if you sing a lot with poor technique.

Anyway, now that the first is under my belt I’m keen to keep working my way through the grades.

The second bit of exciting news is that I was finally able to share myself and Mike Raine’s cover version of ‘Human Behaviour’ with my Newsletter Subscribers. This is going to be the first single release in a few weeks time from my new cover album.

Bjork is not an artist that appeals to everyone, and it is very hard to cover her as she is so wonderfully creative and zany with her music, but I really hope we have done justice to this track by making it as equally zany in our own way. I certainly had a lot of fun recording it.

If you’re not already a newsletter subscriber and you’d like to hear the track, then please do sign up here.

Laini’s Newsletter and listening link to Human Behaviour’.

I’d love to be able to share it with as many people as possible.

Until next week, take care

Laini xx